Introducing Starfire

Nomination number seventeen brings us to Starfire by Stuart Vaughn Stockton (Marcher Lord Press).

Adult Christian science fiction

The Mending, Book 1

    On an alien planet far removed from Earth, Rathe of Yanguch seeks to rise from lowly origins and achieve greatness in the Karn Empire. His chance comes on a military mission when he is imprinted as the protector for a childlike artificial intelligence from an all-but-forgotten civilization.

    Soon Rathe finds himself in the center of a war that threatens to tear his empire apart, and in search of a weapon that could save his nation or doom his world. Rathe must navigate treachery and prophecy to make a decision that will change his planet forever.

    – the author

What others are saying:

    Starfire is set on another planet featuring a race of saurns – basically intelligent dinosaur-like aliens. The main character is Rathe, a warrior who’s trying to prove himself. While his only goal is to rise above his low station in life and achieve great things for the Empire, he’s been chosen to do something far beyond his imagination … Combining dinosaurs with “ancient” sci-fi technology, mystical prophecies, and supernatural enemies—pure genius.

    Reading this will take some work. Stockton has done exhaustive work in describing a wholly alien world, not unlike C.S. Lewis’s work in his Space Trilogy. The charts and glossaries are a must for this book. Highly Recommended

    – Tim Frankovich at Christian Fiction Review

Carol Award (formerly ACFW Book of the Year) finalist – Speculative Category

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2 Responses to Introducing Starfire

  1. Denae says:

    Golly, haven’t read any of them.
    I’ve read books by 4 of the nominated authors, but none of these new-ish releases.
    So, guess I can’t vote!


  2. Hey Denae, we’d love to have you participate. You have a good three weeks yet to read a couple of the titles. But if that’s not possible, I hope you add some of these nominations to your wish list. There are some excellent stories here.



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