Contest Rules

CSAbutton 2013

The Clive Staples Award: Recognizing the best in Christian Speculative Fiction

Nomination qualifications

Eligible books must be all of the following:

  • Christian — either overtly or because of a Christian worldview.
  • Published in English.
  • Published by a publisher that has no direct affiliation with the author and that pays a royalty. (This does mean self-published works are not currently allowed, not even books self-published through any publishing companies’ services.)
  • Published between January 1 and December 31 of the contest’s current year. (For example, for the Clive Staples Award held in 2014, entrants must have been published between, Jan. 1, 2013 and Dec. 31, 2013.)
  • In the science fiction/fantasy/allegory/futuristic/supernatural/supernatural suspense/horror category.

Readers will nominate and will vote on the books they believe to be the best in the category.

Other nomination guidelines

  • Authors, agents, and publishers may not nominate books with which they are affiliated.
  • Those wishing to nominate a book must leave a comment including the title, author, and publisher.

Readers’ Choice Voting

Voters will be eligible only if they have read two or more of the books nominated. We want this to be a selection by readers of Christian speculative fiction, not just the fans of particular authors.

Below are standards to consider.

Standards for Clive Staples Award books:

  • Quality writing style and mechanics
  • Believable and well-developed world-building
  • Depth of characterization
  • Well-structured, unpredictable, and interesting plot
  • A central theme consistent with a Christian worldview that arises from the characters and events and is well-integrated into the story



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