Introducing Offworld

Nomination number sixteen is Offworld by Robin Parrish (Bethany House).

Adult science fantasy/thriller


    Christopher Burke and his crew of NASA astronauts are the first human beings to walk on the surface of Mars. Their return to Earth was supposed to be a momentous day. But a surprise is waiting for them there that’s beyond imagining.

    Safe after a treacherous landing in Florida, the crew emerges to find the unthinkable: every man, woman, child, and animal has vanished without a trace.

    It’s not a dream.

    It’s not a trick.

    It’s real.

    Alone now on their home planet, the crew sets out to discover the extraordinary secret behind the disappearance of mankind. And whether or not everyone can be brought back.

    But they may not be as alone as they thought.

What others are saying:

    Overall, this is a great novel. Parrish has put together an interesting concept and has done it well. The book also gives some interesting insight to what would happen if everyone on the planet suddenly disappeared. The maintaining of structures, food, and cars are all something I never would have thought about, but Parrish gives careful detail to. More importantly, he paid attention to the psychology of returning to and living in an empty world. This is a book worth finding and I will be on the lookout for more from Robin Parrish.

    – Patricia at

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