Nominations Are Coming In

Nominations have begun to come in at A Christian Worldview of Fiction. Readers and authors alike may add a nomination there or here at the award site. Below is the list so far, in the order the nominations have come in:

    *Faery Rebels: Spell Hunter
    RJ Anderson

    *Vanishing Sculptor
    Donita K Paul
    WaterBrook Press

    *Hunter Brown and the Consuming Fire
    Christopher and Allen Miller
    Warner Press

    *North! Or Be Eaten
    Andrew Peterson
    Waterbrook Press

    *By Darkness Hid
    Jill Williamson
    Marcher Lord Press

    *Blaggard’s Moon
    George Bryan Polivka
    Harvest House

    *A Star Curiously Singing
    Kerry Nietz
    Marcher Lord Press

By the way, we’ve made one change to the Readers’ Choice voting. Voters will be eligible only if they have read two or more of the books nominated. We want this to be a selection by readers of Christian speculative fiction, not just the fans of particular authors.

So here’s the key for the authors. Encourage fans to read one or more of the other books that have been nominated.


About Rebecca LuElla Miller

Rebecca LuElla Miller is a full time freelance writer and editor.
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