Introducing Merlin’s Shadow

Merlin’s Shadow by Robert Treskillard

merlin's shadowGenre: YA Epic Fantasy



Book Two of The Merlin Spiral

After destroying the sinister Druid Stone and freeing his people from its dark control, Merlin finds himself to be a royal advisor without a king. Along with his friend Garth and Natalenya, his betrothed, Merlin treks north with the orphaned Arthur in hopes of keeping the young ruler safe from soldiers misled by their turncoat captain. Relentlessly pursued by his nemesis Vortigern, Merlin and his band make for the fortress of Dintaga.

But dangers multiply when Merlin realizes that Vortigern is not his only enemy. Even his own sister appears bent on Merlin’s destruction. As the threat on all their lives increases, Merlin discovers their only hope is sailing to the lands of eternal darkness and once again cleansing the world from an ancient and powerful evil.

What others are saying

“The travails of Merlin continue in this second book in the Merlin Spiral series. Having driven the sword into the Druid Stone, Merlin, Natalanya, and their small band must now protect Arthur, the heir to the throne. However, Merlin’s younger half-sister, Ganieda, is set on destroying both Merlin and Arthur. Merlin’s hope for continued success often wanes, but he is buoyed by his friends and followers. Readers who follow high-fantasy Arthurian legends (and have read Merlin’s Blade, 2013) will immediately become immersed in this sequel, but undertaking this dense tome as a stand-alone requires thoughtful concentration. Grades 7-10.”—J. B. Petty, Booklist

“The book’s main strength is its vividly drawn setting and atmosphere. The weather conditions, geography and physical discomfort the characters experience are brought to life on every page. (A scene involving an escape from a cockroach-filled dungeon is definitely not for the squeamish.) The characters, at least the main ones, are portrayed as real people, as opposed to stereotypical storybook heroes and heroine. They sometimes lose faith, even cry and stumble, but always get back up on their feet (even, as in the case of one, after falling into a corpse pit). The author also does everything to ensure that you can read this book without needing to read its predecessor: including a pronunciation guide, glossary of all characters, and as mentioned a brief “The story so far,” as a preface. Overall, it’s an engrossing read and an original take on a legend.”—E.M. Bristol, Amazon Vine Voice reviewer

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One Response to Introducing Merlin’s Shadow

  1. Timothy Hicks says:

    Thanks, Kristen. Merlin’s Shadow, and the series, is one of the most original Merlin stories I’ve read. It was a great read. looking forward to book 3.



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