Introducing Sandstorm

Sandstorm by Steve Rzasa

science fiction

It’s been four months since the city-state of Perch turned away the invading army of its southern rival, Trestleway, and sent the dark forces of the Cythraul packing.

Thanks in no small part, everyone reckons, to Winchell Sark and his brother, Copernicus.

Word reaches Winch that an old friend is in dire need. Seems he’s come across a long-lost artifact deep in the Golden Desert that folk say can tear apart the veil separating this world from the one beyond the shadows.

But it’s not only Winch and company seeking this relic. There’s a new threat gathering, one that will stop at nothing to conquer the desert sands—and unleash the Cythraul on an unsuspecting world.

What others are saying
“The Sark brothers are back in a rip-roaring tale of archaeology and adventure. Winch is contacted by an old school chum who needs his help to find a powerful artifact in a distant desert kingdom. The request leads the brothers into a heart-stopping adventure in a great continuation of this steampunk series.” -John Otte (via Goodreads)

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(ISBN: 978-1-935929-96-3)

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