Introducing The Circle Girls

The Circle Girls: Once Upon a Witch by Anya Novikov

The Circle Girls CoverGenre: YA fantasy romance


God will give you blood to drink…An ordinary teenager finds out what witch-hunting is all about—in her own everyday world.

When Deliverance “Delli” Willis, an ordinary, almost-sixteen-year-old, finds herself dreaming wild dreams, she’s amazed when some of the stuff appears during her classroom unit on the Salem Witch Trials: When a dream girl of 1692, who shares Deliverance’s name, finds herself entranced by a mysterious man in the woods, Delli finds a new neighbor walking through her family avocado grove. Eager to share the handsome newcomer with her circle of friends, she doesn’t realize the danger of someone unique entering the closed loop. Fingers point, jealousies surge, lies are cast, sides taken—and people are out for blood. It’s a modern-day witch-hunt that collides with 1692 in ways Delli never dreamed.

It will take lessons from her dreamscape and a stand against bullies to tighten Delli’s faith in our omnipresent God.

What others are saying

“Anya Novikov’s debut novel mixes religion, relationships and humor in a fast paced story of lies vs. truths, darkness vs. light. It keeps you on the edge of your seat right from the start and doesn’t let go.…My only concern is that some topics brought up by the teens, all related to relationships and sexuality, aren’t really family friendly so it might not fit younger readers.”—Samantha Coville, TWJ Magazine

“This is an interesting book very much fiction, with some facts from 1692 Salem written in.…The writing is done very well, the characters are well rounded with several secondary characters that you could also believe and the pulls back and forth between good and evil can definitely be believed, although fiction.…I felt that the way the characters portrayed their faith through the difficult times was very relevant for us today and always. I would recommend this book to all who have a strong faith and won’t get lost in the occult of times past.”— Cherie Kasper, Amazon review

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