Introducing Failstate: Legends

Failstate: Legends by John W. Otte

young adult speculative fiction

A young superhero.
A legend reborn.
And a whole mess of zombies.
Failstate (a.k.a., Robin Laughlin) thought his life would get easier after he’d earned his superhero license. But now a legendary superhero has returned from the dead…along with a horde of shambling horrors who want to eat his brains.New Chayton’s other licensed heroes are indisposed, meaning that the whole weight of protecting the city has fallen on Failstate. And nobody thinks he’s up to the challenge. At least he has help from his older brother, Gauntlet, and his best friend, Veritas. Or does he?As if the zombie apocalypse weren’t enough, complicating things are not one but two beautiful girls vying for Failstate/Robin’s affections—and his own powers are doing something…interesting.In the superhero business, interesting is bad.Legends walk the streets of New Chayton. If Failstate can somehow survive the next few weeks, he could become one of them.

What others are saying
“Failstate: Legends” is the kind of novel that makes me love reading young adult. The short chapters and the almost constant action kept me turning the pages. I’d often tell myself, “OK, two more chapters,” only to keep reading much longer than I planned. Though “Failstate: Legends” is a sequel, it could certainly be read on its own. The characters are interesting and the novel is well-plotted throughout. For anyone into superhero stories, this one is a must-read.” -Nathan (via Amazon)

“Just when I thought the story couldn’t get much better, well, guess what? It does! If I thought that Failstate was good, well, Legends blows it away. The story just gets bigger and better as our favorite unlikely hero trips from one misadventure to the next. The storyline of this book was even better than the last…I really hope that book three comes soon. I can’t wait to read it!” -Ember (via

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Author website
Book trailer
Review (via Life Is Story)
Review (via Jill Williamson)
Review (via FictionAddict)

Obtain a copy
Marcher Lord Press
Barnes & Noble
Request a copy at a local bookstore or ask your library to order a copy.
(ISBN: 1935929941)

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