Introducing Truth Runner

Truth Runner by Jerel Law

middle grade fantasy (ages 9-12)
Son of Angels series

It has been a trying six months for Jonah, Eliza, and Jeremiah Stone. They have been grieving over the loss of their nephilim mother, who was murdered by Abaddon’s forces. As part angels, the siblings have been in school with other children of nephilim to hone their special powers

In Truth Runner, Jonah has left Angel School and attempts to forget Elohim’s calling by moving back to his hometown and starting high school as a “normal” kid. But Jonah can still see fallen angels—and the evil they’re doing. When Jonah realizes the Fallen are attacking his friends without their knowledge, he is faced with a choice: continue to ignore it and forge his own path, or remember who he really is and fight for his friends.

As Jonah’s story begins to resemble his Biblical character’s namesake, will he turn back to Elohim’s path for his life?

What others are saying
“Quarter-angel Jonah Stone re-enacts the tale of his biblical namesake in the latest of an evangelical fiction series aiming for Percy Jackson–style adventure. Grief-stricken by his mother’s murder, Jonah ditches the cloistered Angel School with his fellow “quarterlings” for the easy popularity his special powers bring him at an ordinary public high school–so long as he ignores the way the whole place is ruled by demons. But Jonah cannot run far enough to escape Elohim’s plans for him: not boring proclamations of repentance and mercy like the ancient prophet, but a more gratifying battle with monsters on a luxury yacht for the soul of the U.S. president…(A)nyone can appreciate the hard questions about divine justice Jonah hurls in his very real anger and despair; few will be satisfied by the anodyne platitudes he receives in response. Strictly for the target audience, but they deserve better.” -Kirkus Reviews

“This whole series is fantastic for kids and captivating for adults. Beautifully paced and packed with action and believable characters, each new book deepens and enthralls. Jerel Law is an important new voice in fiction, combining skilled craftsmanship with a redemptive message.” -Todd (via Amazon)

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Shadow Chaser post (CSA blog)

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(ISBN: 1400322871) (ISBN-13: 9781400322879)

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