Introducting Future Savior Book 5: Revelation

Future Savior Book 5: Revelation by Jennifer Hartz

Future Savior Book Five, Revelation

Young adult fantasy

With the forces of good and evil amassing in the Marle Desert, the time for the final battle has come, but Christina’s place is not on the battlefield. It all boils down to this: She must face Leticia and destroy the evil at its source.

Little does Christina realize that Leticia has her own diabolical plan. With the help of Christina’s former friend, Jonus, Leticia knows exactly what it will take to break the spirit of the Savior of Meric.

Christina is faced with an impossible decision. Can she sacrifice the lives of thousands just to save the person she loves?

What others are saying
“Revelation is an amazing end. . . As I closed the final page, I left Meric with the same sadness that I once left Prydain, Middle Earth and Narnia as a child. I left Meric knowing I had just finished the greatest adventure of my life, and it would be long before I would find its like again.” -J. Morgan, review at Desert Breeze Publishing

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Excerpt at Desert Breeze Publishing
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Request a copy at a bookstore near you or ask your local library to order a copy. (ISBN: 1612527981)

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ePub (Desert Breeze Publishing)


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