Introducing Rage’s Echo

Rage’s Echo by J. S. Bailey

Rage's Echo cover

Adult paranormal suspense

He longs for heaven…and for revenge.

Jessica Roman-Dell, a paranormal investigator from small-town Ohio, wants to find a ghost to prove to the world that life continues after death. But little does Jessica realize the danger she will face when the anguished spirit of a murder victim named Jerry Madison follows her home from a graveyard one night and refuses to leave. He says he is lonely. He says he wishes to go to heaven to finally be with God; watching the world pass by without him is more unbearable than death itself. But Jerry is there for another reason, too. A reason that Jessica can’t even begin to guess at, but that will hit closer to home than she ever could have imagined.

For Jerry is not as innocent as Jessica believes him to be. Like his murderers, he, too, has killed–and he will stop at nothing to send those responsible for his death to the grave.

What others are saying
“With a unique premise and solid writing, Rage’s Echo has made me a J.S. Bailey fan.”-Fiction Addict

“I recommend this book for those who like creepy, thrilling stories with unexpected twists, great characters, one weird family reunion, humor, page turners that grab your full attention and ultimately forgiveness… This story is not for the faint of heart, but readers will see the afterlife in a whole new way!” –Blogger35, B&N review

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Request a copy at a bookstore near you or ask your local library to order a copy. (ISBN# 1627466223)

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