Introducing The 2014 Nominations – Storm

In order to help readers decide which of the 2014 CSA nominations they would like to read, we will post an introduction of each book, providing specifics and informative links. Taking the list (alphabetized according to the author’s last name) in order, we’ll give you details and links to informative posts about each book.

Storm by Evan Angler

Middle grade dystopian fantasy, book three of the Swipe series.

Now the unlikely leader of the Markless revolution, Logan Langly is fighting for much more than he’d ever imagined. With the threat of a chemically manufactured plague that could kill millions and a drought that is nearing critical mass, someone has to step in. But when an old friend appears with a special mission for him, it is no longer clear who Logan can trust.

And with the weather becoming more and more unstable, a storm is coming that will put everything Logan and the Markless have worked for at risk…

What Others Are Saying
“This is a great book. It moves at a very fast pace, and shows a number of things, but most of all friendship… If you read this book, make sure to tell someone else about it, because, like me, you’ll find you will love this book.—Tyler L., age 12.”
School Library Journal, Book Reviews by Young Adults

Storm by Evan Angler delivered everything I was anticipating– and more! Throughout the entire novel there was non-stop action and intrigue.” –Christian Book Review Blog

Learn More

Obtain a copy
Thomas Nelson
Barnes & Noble
Request a copy at a bookstore near you or ask your local library to order a copy. (ISBN# 1400321972)

Other formats
Audible Edition, Unabridged


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