Introducing Lunatic

Nomination number thirteen is Lunatic by Ted Dekker and Kaci Hill (Thomas Nelson).

Adult/young adult dark fantasy/suspense


    The Lost Books #5

    Separated by time and space, our heroes finally return home. But five years have passed and they find a nightmarishly changed world.

    The despised Horde are now in control. The healing lakes of Elyon are now blood red. And mighty Thomas Hunter and his Forest Guard have disappeared.

    Take a stand with the chosen but be wary, for not all is as it seems. Now the chosen themselves are questioning their very sanity. For the only way to win may be to lose. The only way to live may be to die. And the only one to lead may be a lunatic.

What others are saying:

    Lunatic is a dark story to be sure, but a masterful tale nonetheless…I love the way that Ted Dekker and Kaci Hill have taken a familiar story and upped the ante on all accounts with more action, more intrigue, and ultimately more emotion. Hill somehow manages the daunting task of bringing uniqueness to the story without taking away any of the Dekker feel we all love so much.

    – Jake Chism, review at Amazon

Learn More.
Read an excerpt
Read a review at 5MinutesForBooks and Edgy Inspirational Author
Read or listen to interviews with Kaci Hill at Title Trakk and Fiction Addict
Listen to interviews with Ted Dekker at Fiction Addict and Blog Talk Radio

Obtain a copy of Lunatic.
from Thomas Nelson
from Amazon
from Barnes & Noble

Other Formats.
Kindle edition
Unabridged audio CD from Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and
MP3 Book from Barnes & Noble
Audible Audio Edition from Amazon

Look for or request a copy at a bookstore near you (ISBN # 978-1595546838)
Ask your local library to order a copy.


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