Introducing The Enclave

Number six on our 2010 list of nominations is The Enclave by four-time Christy Award winner Karen Hancock (Bethany House Publishers).

Adult Christian contemporary science fiction/supernatural thriller.


    When Lacey McHenry accepts a prestigious research fellowship at the world-renowned Kendell-Jakes Longevity Institute, she sees it as a new start on life. But a disturbing late-night encounter with an intruder leads to an unexpected cover-up by Institute authorities, and she soon realizes there’s more going on than she ever imagined.

    She finds a supporter in genetics researcher Cameron Reinhardt. However, Reinhardt is a favorite of the Institute’s director, and she can’t help wondering if he, too, is in on the cover-up. The brilliant but absentminded researcher turns out to have his own secrets, some of them dark and deadly.

    The Enclave is characterized by adventure, intrigue, spiritual analogy, and romance, all set in an unusual but fully realized world–one that may have its foundations on earth but which, the more one learns of it, doesn’t seem much like the earth we know at all.

    – Publisher

What others are saying:

    “The story is very fast-paced. The characters are very interesting and believable. Their struggles, including faith/belief, are real and honest. The story takes some incredibly interesting twists, and the author does a remarkable job of handling relevant issues such as genetic research and medical ethics. I highly recommend this book to anyone, especially those who enjoy sci-fi.”

    – Rachel, reviewer at

Christy Award finalist – Visionary Category

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Obtain a Copy of The Enclave:
from Bethany House Publishers
from Amazon
from Barnes & Noble
from Highway Won

Other Formats.
Hardcover – Large print

Look for or request a copy at a bookstore near you (ISBN# 978-0-7642-0328-2)
Ask your local library to order a copy.


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Rebecca LuElla Miller is a full time freelance writer and editor.
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One Response to Introducing The Enclave

  1. Kim Gregory says:

    I read The Enclave shortly after it came out through my library. I could hardly put the book down and knew I had to have a copy for my own because this is a book that I was going to read more than once.


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