The 2010 Nominations

Here is the final list (in alphabetical order by title) of Nominations for the 2010 CSA. I’ve designated July the Read Christian Speculative Fiction month, then in August, the voting will begin. Remember, only those who have read at least two of the nominations will be eligible to vote.

*A Star Curiously Singing
Kerry Nietz
Marcher Lord Press

*Blaggard’s Moon
George Bryan Polivka
Harvest House

*Bones of Makaidos
Bryan Davis
AMG Publishing

*By Darkness Hid
Jill Williamson
Marcher Lord Press

*Curse of the Spider King
Wayne Batson and Christopher Hopper
Thomas Nelson Publishing

*Enclave, The
Karen Hancock
Bethany House

*Eternity Falls
Kirk Outerbridge
Marcher Lord Press

*Faery Rebels: Spell Hunter
RJ Anderson

*Firstborn, The
Conlan Brown

*Hunter Brown and the Consuming Fire
Christopher and Allen Miller
Warner Press

*Last Cordate, The
Alison Pickrell

*Lost Mission
Athol Dickson
Howard Books

Ted Dekker and Kaci Hill
Thomas Nelson

*Muse, The
Fred Warren
Splashdown Books

*North! Or Be Eaten
Andrew Peterson
WaterBrook Press

Robin Parrish
Bethany House

Stuart Vaughn Stockton
Marcher Lord Press

*Vanishing Sculptor
Donita K Paul
WaterBrook Press

*Word Reclaimed, The
Steve Rzasa
Marcher Lord Press

About Rebecca LuElla Miller

Rebecca LuElla Miller is a full time freelance writer and editor.
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19 Responses to The 2010 Nominations

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  2. Kim says:

    I have read two of the books, The Word Reclaimed and The Enclave, and loved the both, several of the others are on my wish list. I only recently discovered Marcher Lord Press through Steve Rzasa’s book and cannot wait to read more in this genre, especially if they are of the quality of Steve’s book.


  3. Kaye Whitney says:

    I have read The Bones of Makaidos, Curse of the Spider King, Hunter Brown and the Consuming Fire, and The Vanishing Sculptor. I have bought North! or be Eaten, but haven’t read it yet.
    Of all of these, I vote for The Bones of Makaidos, because it was an awesome end to both series: Dragons in Our Midst and Oracles of Fire.
    Kaye Whitney


  4. Sarah Jo says:

    I have read The bones of Makaidos, The Curse of the Spider King, Hunter Brown and The Consuming Fire, and The Vanishing Sculpter. I came to vote for The Bones of Makaidos, but The Curse of the Spider King was SO good!

    I vote for The Curse of the Spider King. 🙂

    Sorry, Mr. Davis!


  5. Hi, Kaye and Sarah Jo, I’m so happy you’ve read a number of the nominations. You’re exactly the kind of readers we want participating in the Readers’ Choice award.

    Voting will begin in August. July is designated Read Christian Speculative Fiction Month, giving you the chance to read any other books on the list that might interest you. The more you read, the better!

    When we vote, there will be a “survey”—really, your ballot—so your vote will be private as far as the public is concerned. Be sure to check back here to see the introductions to the other books and learn when the survey goes up. Better yet, subscribe to this site so you receive the posts by email.

    Thanks again for your interest in participating.



  6. keith says:

    I have read Lunatic and Bones of Makaidos. Both great books but I am partial to Lunatic


  7. Andrew says:

    I have read The Bones of Makaidos, Lunatic, Vanishing Sculptor, and Curse of the Spider King.
    I vote for Bones of Makaidos.


  8. Hi, Keith and Andrew, I hope you saw in the previous comment that leaving a note here is NOT a VOTE. In fact voting won’t take place until August. This month we’re encouraging fans to read other nominations.

    It’s great that both of you already have read at least two books on the 2010 list of nominations and are therefore qualified to vote. It’s also great that you want to be involved in the CSA.

    My hope is you’ll take a look at some of these other nominations, perhaps as a result of the introductions, and then make a point of telling your friends and of course voting when the “poll” opens in August.



  9. Mike Nelson says:

    Wonderful list, but no Dreamhouse Kings by Robert Liparulo???!!! To me that brings into question the validity of the whole list. Dreamhouse Kings is the best series I’ve ever read (and my family agrees…we read them all together), and its closest in spirit and depth to the Narnia series as anything I’ve read (without copying Narnia in the least). How can this omission have happened??


  10. Mike, I am sorry no Dreamhouse Kings book is on the list. The thing is, the Clive Staples Award was open to nominations for almost two months and no one included a Liparulo title.

    All I can say is, I hope you’ll still participate in the voting in August, and then next year be sure your favorites are nominated.



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  12. Cameron says:

    I have read two of them. Bones of Makaidos and Vanishing sculptor.


  13. scooterparker says:

    My vote is for Bones of Makaidos. Excellent end to two incredible series; very satisfying.


  14. Hi, Scooter, thanks for stopping by. I hope you saw my other responses to earlier comments—the voting will not take place in the comments section of this post. You will be given the opportunity to fill out a survey form and your vote will be confidential.

    This list and the introductions help readers who have only read one book but who want to vote, to find another book they can read between now and when the voting takes place in August.

    Cameron, since you’ve already read 2 of the titles, you’re good to go. But I encourage you to take a look at the other introductions because you might actually discover another series or author you’d like to read.



  15. Rebecca, Thank you so much for doing the introduction of the nominations. I am a fairly new author and virtually unknown. About how many voters usually participate in this award? Alison


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  17. Alison, since this is only the second year we’ve had the readers’ choice award, I don’t know how many to expect.

    The key is to pass along to anyone who may wish to vote for your book their need to have read at least one other nomination. Whether the two-book requirement will affect the number of voters, I can’t say. Last year it was a one-book requirement.



  18. Catherine says:

    I have read Bones of Makaidos and The Vanishing Sculptor. Both are awesome, but Bones of Makaidos is the best. I have heard of Curse of the Spider King and have good intentions to read it. : )


  19. Kristin says:

    I have read Bones of Makaidos, The Vanishing Sculptor, and Lunatic, and as hard as it is to choose, I would have to say that Bones Of Makaidos was my favorite!


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